27 jan 2022

Information from the board January

Av Micaela Bortas | 2022-01-27 09:28

Clean-out of bikes – Mark your bike before Thursday the 10th of February

On Thursday the 10th of February, a clean-out of bicycles will take place in all areas where bicycles are stored. In order for your bike not to be cleaned out, the handlebars must be marked with a note where your name, apartment number and current date are clearly stated. More information in a separate mailing.

Missed debiting of electricity and water

As some of you have already noticed, the Property Owners (Fastighetsägarna) have failed to charge electricity and water on the invoices for February and March. This is due to an individual mistake by the Property Owners that was not noticed in time. Electricity and water for the two missed months will therefore be added to the coming months' invoices, which will consequently be higher than usual.

Phils Burger – Building permit processing still in progress

Processing of the building permit for Babyproffsen's former space is still ongoing and is expected to be approved by the end of February. Only after the approval, Phil Burger can start the renovation work of the space. The restaurant is expected to open around May.

Issues with parking & littering on Warfvinges väg

The opening of our new and popular café has meant an increase in traffic on Warfvinges väg, which in turn has led to problems with incorrect parking and also blocking of our garage door. The board has ordered new signs with information about towing if the garage door is blocked and has also had a dialogue with Notello Rolls about the problems we experienced with some of their visitors. However, Notello Rolls cannot be held liable for customers outside the restaurant. The board has therefore established a good dialogue with Europark which helps us to fine and tow away incorrectly parked cars. The more calls they receive, the closer surveillance they will have of the area.

Europark can be reached primarily at: 08-651 00 00 but can also be contacted via email at: parking.stockholm@europark.se

Regarding the increased littering, the same situation applies as with the incorrect parking’s: all problems need to be reported. Problems with littering are reported directly to the City of Stockholm (Stockholms Stad). Numerous reports need to come in to Stockholms Stas in order for their routines for street cleaning to change. Hopefully we will also see more wastebaskets as well. Reports are made via Stockholm City's own app "Tyck till"

Together, we can help out to report the errors and problems we experience as soon as they arise and thus maintain a pleasant neighbourhood. Thanks for your cooperation!

Renovation of the wooden deck on the upper courtyard (floor 1)

The board plans to start a renovation work of the wooden deck on the 1st floor, which has been worn out in a short period of time. The excessive wear is due to poor drainage of rainwater, which therefore needs to be dealt with first. The refurbishment of the wooden deck has therefore not started as various proposals for future floors are still being investigated. More information will come in good time before the work starts.

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Investigation of problems with condensation

After many failed attempts to handle problems with condensation in some apartments, the board has decided to appoint a proper investigation of the problem. The feasibility study (step 1 in the investigation) has just been completed by the Property Owners together with two experts on windows and ventilation. They have already made site visits in 4 apartments and are currently going through drawings and other material. We expect a feasibility study report shortly.

New lamps for the large lift on Kellgrensgatan

New lamps for the large lift on Kellgrensgatan have been ordered, but the delivery time has unfortunately turned out to be longer than expected. We can do nothing but wait for the new fluorescents and hope that the remaining ones decide to stay alive.

Best regards, The Board